Who We Are

upGrad Connect is part of upGrad – South Asia’s largest higher edtech organisation.

With a global network of institutions, service partners and affiliations, upGrad Connect delivers a tech-driven human assisted experience for learners seeking study and success through an international education.

upGrad Connect will work directly with schools and colleges, supporting university guidance counsellors and international relations officers, so they are empowered with the right information on every aspect of the international education journey.

As part of the One upGrad vision, we will leverage the services of our group organisations to support aspirations of every learner.

Transforming international education search experience

Our Vision

Empowering every genuine aspirant with unbiased, authentic and credible information and services to support their international study, career and wellbeing goals.

Our Story

A group of higher education specialists who have been working in this industry for over a decade, realised that every learner deserves more in their search for international education options. Every school or college nurtures every student, preparing them for a successful higher education and best suited career. As principal stakeholders, the student, family, or counsellor must equally and seamlessly access credible information and support that will support the learner journey and college placement process.

With a growing cohort of students seeking international degrees,
there are important questions that came to forefront.

upGrad Connect has its origins from these questions.
Set within a context of competitive offerings and biased services in South Asia, upGrad Connect will bring direct access and engagement from international institutions, industry, government and licensed support service providers. We will offer highest-level of support to schools and colleges/ universities, initially in South Asia, to deliver high-quality guidance to their students.

The upGrad Connect Partner Program is a one-of-a-kind initiative to ensure that all stakeholders in the international education journey equitably gain from the experience. upGrad Connect is not an application service. We go beyond study to offer Admission, Aspiration and Assimilation support.

upGrad Connect (uC) is an important service in the current context of international education. Working collaboratively with upGrad group of companies, particularly upGrad Abroad and Global Study Partners, upGrad Connect will leverage an ecosystem of online and offline services to support every learner’s journey towards international education.
Ronnie Screwvala
Chairman & Co-founder, upGrad

Meet the upGrad Connectors

Kala Anand​

Vice President (Global)​

Kala has vast experience in the international education sector on strategic partnerships, business growth, coaching and marketing initiatives across multicultural industries. She has worked with international government and private organisations leading education and trade mandates. Through her senior professional tenure, she has provided advisory services to international Universities and Government agencies enabling them to expand their global footprint, customise communication to international markets and forge sustainable partnerships. She has developed collaborations for academic institutions, with corporate organisations, government bodies, school networks and research organisations across South Asia, South-East Asia and Middle East regions.

Kala holds a PGDBA (MBA) from the prestigious SPJIMR and a Diploma in Digital Marketing from DMI Ireland. At upGrad Connect she drives critical strategies to boost institution relationships and provide transformational experience for learners around the world.

Pratik Acharya

Associate Vice President

Pratik is an education industry professional who has been working in the higher education sector for nearly a decade. He has completed his Bachelors and Masters in Information Technology (Specialisation in AI & Robotics), along with a second Masters in Business Administration.

In his role as a mentor, he has helped many students from all over the country achieve their dreams of pursuing higher education by providing critical support and guidance through the entire process. Pratik’s passion for education stems from his belief that everyone deserves access to high-quality learning opportunities, no matter where they live or how much money they have access to. He believes that the best way to ensure this,  is by providing students with technology-based solutions that are accessible and equitable, but also provide them with opportunities for growth and personal development that cannot be found elsewhere.

Rahul Ramachandran

Associate Director

Rahul Ramachandran is an marketing and communications professional, with a wealth of experience in the education and EdTech industry. Throughout his career, He has a proven track record of helping organizations set up and scale their communication channels. Rahul is skilled in content creation, social media analytics, digital marketing, and branding.

In his previous roles, Rahul has helped organizations in the education industry achieve success by developing and implementing effective communication strategies. He is passionate about helping students achieve their highest level of success and believes in the power of data-driven decision making.

Anagha Shetty

Associate Vice President (Institutional Partnerships)

Anagha Shetty is a seasoned professional with a robust background in international education, dedicated to guiding students and fostering global connections. Her journey spans diverse roles across renowned organizations and leading universities, showcasing her commitment to excellence.

Anagha’s strengths lie in delivering exceptional international student experiences and fostering collaborations that enrich educational environments. She has a wealth of experience in delivering engagement initiatives and strategic partnerships for global institutions.

Driven by a passion for international education, Anagha Shetty remains dedicated to enabling students, parents, and peers worldwide to achieve their aspirations, making significant strides in educational collaboration.

International Institutions

A sustainable solution to growing and diversifying your international engagement and enrolment

Are you an international college or university seeking to enrol genuine students from South Asia for undergraduate or postgraduate programs, and aiming to build your engagement with academic, industry and government organisations in the region?

Our team has extensive experience in supporting international promotion and profiling of institutions. We offer high quality market assistance services via drafting engagement initiatives, provision of market insights and supporting collaborations and partnerships
Many leading global institutions engage upGrad Connect and our group organisations to access new target markets and expand engagement.

Our global network of 1000+ institutions

Our university and institution partners are located in 37 countries, including Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States, the United Kingdom and more.

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